Wordless Books

A New Day

Ronald Heuninck

First published under the title Een Nieuwe Dag, this small board book for very young children shows a little girl going through her daily routine.

Spread from A New Day by Ronald Heuninck

She starts by getting up and saying hello to her doll. Then at breakfast we see her feeding the doll while Mum is feeding the cat. Later, in the park, the ducks are also fed.

Spread from A New Day by Ronald Heuninck

In the afternoon the girl’s brother and sister come home, presumably from school. The brother builds an impressive tower of wooden bricks while his younger sister looks on admiringly. Finally Dad gets home in time to read her a bedtime story.

Spread from A New Day by Ronald Heuninck

It’s a simple enough plot, but the pleasure comes from the realistic and quite complex illustrations, which have plenty of small details for a child to spot – the different types of bird in the park for instance, or the various toys in the playroom. The colours are soft and warm, and there is a strong sense of a loving family home. The thoroughly pampered cat will also be a big hit with many readers.

See also Rain or Shine (1989) and Playtime (1991), both by Ronald Heuninck.