Wordless Books

The 46 Little Men

Jan Mogensen

The 46 little men of the title live in a picture on the nursery wall – until one day the discovery of a rope ladder enables them to escape.

Page from The 46 Little Men, showing the picture frame and ladder on the bottom right

The endpapers give the characters’ names and show you who to look for, while the opening page sets the scene. After that, though, readers have to figure out the multiple storylines on the subsequent wordless pages for themselves.

Endpapers of The 46 Little Men, showing the cast of characters and their descriptions

The cat in the spread below helps emphasise just how small the little men are and provides a sense of scale for the viewer. Although it is certainly a challenge, it is fun to work out what all the characters are doing as each picture changes.

Spread from The 46 Little Men, showing the little men exploring the toy vehicles in the nursery