Wordless Books

The Umbrella

Ingrid & Dieter Schubert

Where can a big umbrella carry a tiny dog? Up in the air for a start, then through the clouds to the African savannah, across oceans, into the rain forest, up to the Arctic and back home to his pal the cat.

Spread from The Umbrella, showing a tiny dog in a red umbrella flying over the African savannah

The wide focus of the painterly pictures is awe-inspiring, and the pages are saturated with rich colours, such the orange hues of the desert and the blue-green of the waves. But these elements never overshadow the humour of the story or the characterisation of the cute little dog.


Spread from The Umbrella, showing the dog using the umbrella as a boat in the ocean

A really lovely book that repays looking at again and again.

Spread from The Umbrella, showing the umbrella leading the dog over the Arctic